Prophetic Principles – Dealing With Push Back

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I write every day. Not all of what I write ends up on social media. Some things I write are on-going writing projects that could someday become a book or an article for publication. God has allowed some of what I write to occasionally gain a wider audience than I would ever have imagined. This always amazes and humbles me.  In this widening audience some of what I write will cross existing lines of relationship and connect with people I would never know had it not been for social media. This can also create awkward and unfamiliar responses.

Recently, I got some push back for something I wrote.  This happens from time to time. The push back came from a person I do not know and someone so distant from my current circles of fellowship that I am free to use their response as an example for what I want to share.  This person felt that everything we write has to be backed up with scripture.  He wanted chapter and verse.

To some this request might sound noble, but it actually revealed a problem.  I could have provided numerous verses and examples from scripture to “back up” what I had written, but as a personal policy, I don’t respond to these requests on social media because I would spend the majority of my time responding to questions and have little time left to write.  I have another reasoning behind this policy. I feel if people would simply take a moment to think instead of react they might actually understand the heart and intent of the author.

This brings me to the principle I want to share when it comes to writing or speaking words of prophecy.  Not everything we write or say needs a chapter and verse to be God. Yes, the essence of what we communicate should align with scripture, but even the people we read about in scripture did not constantly quote bible verses back and forth to each other every time they spoke. 

If you are going to speak, write or simply talk as a representative of Jesus Christ, make sure you know His heart as well as you know His word.  There will be times when you won’t have a scripture verse to back up what you say, but you will know what you are saying is reflecting His heart.  When all is said and done it was God’s heart that motivated Him to write His word. That order of revelation is important to remember when we speak in His name.


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