Prophetic Principles – Standing Between Guilty People and their Accusers

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Forgivenss, Prophecy | 0 comments

The Lord may ask you to stand between someone who is guilty of a wrong and their accusers who are pointing out that wrong in vivid detail.  In this place some of the most challenging and powerful prophetic statements are delivered without words. Here is where your presence shields the guilty until they can be restored and confronts their accusers until they can come to their senses and eventually drop their stones of accusation.

This is not a popular place to stand.  Many times you will find yourself alone standing against the tide of popular opinion. It will test your relationships. Standing between the guilty and their accusers will actually align you with the guilty party in the eyes of the accusers. This is how Jesus lived.  He took this position with the woman caught in adultery, Matthew the dishonest tax collector and others.  If you are going to speak for God over the long term there will come a day when Jesus may ask you to take a similar stance. It is never comfortable, but it is always beautiful when your obedience allows mercy to triumph over judgment.


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