Prophetic Principles – When Bringing a Word of Correction

by | Aug 1, 2015 | Humility, Prophecy, Trust, Truth | 0 comments

One of the most challenging things we can do is bring a word of correction. Hopefully, these corrective words are rare and birthed only by a merciful work of the Spirit and not by our own impatience or frustration at the level of brokenness we see in the lives of the people to whom we speak. Perpetually angry prophets, who are upset with broken people and a broken culture, are many times dealing with unresolved personal issues. These unresolved issues fuel the angry words they bring.  These angry attitudes and harsh methods of delivery can sound spiritual to those who share a similar anger, but they do not reflect the heart of God.

There is a safeguard in place that will help you not become another voice in the angry prophetic chorus. When you find you are being asked to bring a word of correction allow that word to first pass through your own life in an attempt to discover where it might apply to you. This process of self-examination will surround the corrective word with a merciful attitude, content and method of delivery that only comes when you have discovered your own need for God’s mercy before you speak to others in His name.


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