Prophetic Principles – When You Said Too Much

by | Jul 26, 2015 | Honor, Humility, Prophecy | 0 comments

will come a time when you realize you said too much and went beyond the scope
of the simple word God gave you to share. 
These are great opportunities to discover the depth of your integrity.

is huge in all aspects of life.  Once you
lose your integrity regaining it can be a challenge.  We all make mistakes. Prophetic ministry is
not perfect because God uses fallible people to transmit His
message.  God knows about our weakness
and our propensity to want to look error free. If we find ourselves in a moment
where we are contemplating how to sustain the pride-induced delusion of prophetic
perfection, the only way out of this predicament is through personal disclosure
where we admit our mistake.

people think admitting a mistake will cause them to lose their
credibility.  This is not so.  Just the opposite is true. Knowing you made a
mistake and letting it go uncorrected until exposed by people or a circumstance
is where the real damage is done. Disclosure is far more powerful than

a decision early on to challenge your own mistakes.  If you shared a word with an individual or group that went beyond what God wanted you to share, admit it.  You might say to yourself, “Who would know?
Why not just let it remain?”  The Lord
will know.  He is the ultimate audience
for the words you speak. 

you realize your mistake and correct it, most people will honor your
transparency because it will be refreshing and rare to hear such an
honest admission. Speak your words of self-disclosure and move on.  Your life and ministry is not over.  You simply navigated an integrity check that
everyone must pass through as they learn to speak for God.  Once God can trust you with His message, you
will find yourself moving higher toward new levels of revelation that requires a humble heart of integrity in order to make the journey.


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