Prophetic Warnings

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

Prophetic dreams have been coming to me of late with unusual clarity. Some are so vivid they are happening in real-time. While I do not have permission to share all the details of the dreams, the overarching theme is permissible. 

While some are overly focused on the games being played on the stage of our national politics and the internal strife that is dividing our nation, a much larger and more significant event is being planned. We are deep in the process of a global shift and resulting reset. The most significant obstacle that stands in the way of that shift becoming a reality is the continued presence of the United States. With all our societal warts and blemishes, God has used our nation to balance the global scales of power. This is not another shrill appeal for renewed patriotism or a warning whose fruit is only fear. It is a call for believers to view the affairs of Earth from a heavenly viewpoint, from a place higher than an isolated national interest, a view only seen from a heavenly perspective far above the limitations of human interpretation.

A window of dark opportunity has been opened into the heart of our nation, and unfortunately, into the Church. The backbone of truth offered by communities of faith that created the support structure for our nation has been compromised. Demonic entities working at the direction of spiritual principalities resemble medieval sappers who would dig under the walls of a city under siege to weaken its defensive perimeter.

The door of opportunity for this destabilizing work of darkness will be open for a short time before God intervenes. The Devil knows his time is short and he is becoming increasingly desperate. Delusion has masked his efforts in the eyes of those who should know better. His glee is immense at this prospect.

Some prophetic voices have failed to speak a word of warning because they have limited the content of prophetic ministry to only words that strengthen, encourage, and comfort people. Paul did not share those three defining elements as a limitation regarding the content of a prophetic word. They are the by-product of a God-ordained word. These three elements are the fruit of a prophetic word that many times will be delivered as a warning without a warm and fuzzy wrapping. The content of prophecy can be unnerving, especially a warning. Those who heed a prophetic warning will be the ones who are strengthened, encouraged, and comforted affirming for them that God is never taken by surprise even when events are unfolding at a dizzying and unimagined speed.

You don’t need to be a prophet or prophetic to hear the Lord’s voice. In fact, in some seasons of our spiritual history, the Lord stepped over reluctant prophets and called others without such a title to fill the empty gap of revelation. 

A silent Church is a compromised Church. To think our faith is meant to be an influence only within the walls of our preferred theology and fellowship gatherings reveals a faith not able to fulfill the Great Commission that calls us to disciple nations. At times that discipling requires the issuance of wake-up calls that are never popular when uttered, but in the end, they will strengthen the weakened, encourage the fearful, and comfort the restless.


  1. Henry Griner

    I found you via your article, The Way-Makers in the World Changer magazine. Reading this first post on your website points you out to me that you are another of the few and rare prophetic voices I need to read more from. Looking forward to exploring more with you.

  2. Riekie Dalm

    I agree with Henry Griners’ comment. Although I have been listening and heading Garris for a couple of yrs now. Bless you Garris and Jan.


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