Pushed Into Something New

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Church, Future, God, Pentecost, Transition | 0 comments

A quick shift has taken place. Everything has changed. You didn’t see it coming. You feel like you have been pushed from a familiar room through an unseen doorway into a strange new place. No one asked your permission. It just happened. Nothing looks the same. The room is empty and unfurnished. Your heartbeat is the only sound that echoes off the bare walls.

You understood how to live your life in the room of your past. This new place is strange and uninviting. You want to go back, but the door behind you is closed. There is a reason all of this happened this way.

God was the one who pushed you into this new place. What happened contradicts your current understanding of God and how He works in your life. You have always thought you had to make the decision before this kind of change would take place. What God is showing you is that He answers unformulated prayers. He knew your deepest desires. He heard the cry of your heart that had not yet formed a conscious prayer for deliverance. His love set circumstances in motion to bring you into this new place. Trust Him. God is about to furnish this new and unfamiliar place with an increasing awareness of His presence and when it is all over it will feel like home.


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