Put on Your Red Dress, Beloved

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Intimacy, Jesus, Love, Marriage | 0 comments

I was awakened in the middle of the night hearing the 1964 blues song written by Tommy Tucker titled, Hi-Heel Sneakers. The opening lyrics are, “Put on your red dress, baby, cause we goin’ out tonight.”  As the song played on, instead of the words, “Put on your red dress, baby.” The lyrics changed to, “Put on your red dress, Beloved.”

While the song continued to play, I saw the Lord enter a large wooden dance floor and approach His Bride who was standing alone awaiting His arrival. Everyone else had moved to the sides of the room encircling the couple. It was just the Lord and the love of His life embracing.  They began to dance across the room moving together in graceful unison. It looked like it might have appeared on the day when Jesus walked upon the water. It was a gliding dance, not like the planting of feet in measured dance steps. The bride allowed the Lord to lead and she followed in perfect oneness yielding herself to the gentle touch of His direction.

This dance was taking place because the Lord wanted to demonstrate to those watching His heart and passion for His Bride. In the dance and embrace, the Bride was learning the feel of His touch and how He moved. No one else who wanted a turn dancing with the Bride could teach her how to move in such perfect union with Him. This intimate instruction was only available between the two of them. He asked her to wear the red dress because it was His favorite color on her. It was the color that changed their relationship forever and created this beautiful place to dance. 


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