My father was a house-moving contractor.  During the 1950’s and early 60’s when the freeway systems of California were being constructed, an entire track of homes in the path of a coming freeway would be sold and moved to new locations. Each house was raised from its original foundation, cut into sections and moved across town. It looked brutal to the average onlooker, but this was the only way to transport a house on city streets. The houses not sold and moved were demolished.

My father would buy these homes in open-air auctions.  As a young boy, I went with my father to several of these auctions.  The abandoned neighborhoods, where the auctions took place, looked like a deserted apocalyptic movie set.

My father was more in the business of re-purposing houses than he was in simply moving them from one location to another.  New families eagerly awaited the arrival of these re-purposed houses.  Once these structures were reassembled in a new location they would became a home where a new family could create a new future. The re-purposing made it possible for new futures to be created.

As I was recalling my memories of those house-moving days, the Lord downloaded a word to me about this new season we have entered. The Lord said, “I am re-purposing My people.  I am uprooting old ways of thinking and practice that will no longer accomplish the new thing I am about to do.  I am moving My people to a new location of re-purposed potential.  I am disconnecting them from what has been familiar and leading them to a place not yet seen or even realized. I want them to trust Me as I help them make the move.”

For some of you this move has already taken place.  For others the segmented parts of your life are still in transit and you are not sure of your final destination. When your life is in a season of significant transition it is easy to become overwhelmed with the process.  This is a time to trust, rest and choose to enjoy the journey.  When God reconnects your life in the new place He has planned you will understand why all of this has taken place.


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