Read the Labels

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Discernment, Obedience, Pride, Revelation, Supernatural, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

Everything in life has a list of ingredients. It is wise to look past the surface advertisement and discern the content of what you are being invited to consume.

If you are dating, what appears to be a potential Mr. or Mrs. right is not always right. Smiles and promises offered before the mutual commitments of a life-long marriage are made has left a long trail of tears that keep pastors and counselors busy. It’s also true in politics. Just a few weeks ago a prominent political party in our country who represent themselves as the party of the people said it was OK to kill an innocent newborn baby after a botched abortion. With a straight faces TV personalities wearing $3,000.00 suits, flying in private jets, and living in multi-million dollar mansions hit you up for your hard-earned cash to fund a “ministry” project. They fail to tell you that in the small print of their donation agreement they are allowed to use the money in any way the ministry sees fit.

Reading the labels is called discernment. Discernment helps us to see beneath the surface of a misrepresentation to discover the real ingredients of a product that might be harmful to our emotional or spiritual health.

Ask someone who married a charlatan or someone who has come to realize in horror the spirit motivating a particular camp within a political party or someone who fell victim to a well-crafted con job masquerading as a ministry appeal. The ones duped by these false representations will tell you they skipped over the process of discernment to their regret.

Read the labels of the appeals that come your way. The health of your spiritual and emotional future requires that you look below the surface of these offerings to discover the real content of what you are being asked to consume.


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