“Receiving New Sight” a word from Jan Elkins

by | Mar 16, 2012 | Future, Hope, Transition, Vision. | 2 comments

My wife, Jan, received the following word during a recent worship service at Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon.  I wanted to post this for that person(s) who needed to hear the hope these words contain. 

“During the worship, I saw myself swimming in the ocean of His love, (representative of us and and the church) and He had given us new capabilities to live in this place.  The Lord reminded me of how in nature He has put specific DNA into his creatures so that micro-evolution is possible.  There are fish who live in complete darkness and therefore have no eyes…there is no need.    But if brought into waters where there is light, they can develop eyes because imbedded in their DNA, they can evolve.Imbedded in your spiritual DNA, created in My image, is the great capacity to see where you have never seen before. I am giving you altogether new eyes when you have need of clarity, either in wisdom or discernment and also in your spirit, soul, and body, God is giving us new capacities of sight…for Himself, for our situations, for our life, for whatever we are deciding about right now.  We could not see before…we did not need to.  Now, we have need of this new sight. “


  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this word.. It has helped me greatly ….Tina Kelley

  2. Sunny Rowe

    Wow! I love this!


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