Many of us kneel at our bedside before retiring for the night to ask God’s blessing on our sleep and our dreams. Have you ever thought about doing the same thing before you leave your bed in the morning?

Each morning when I awaken, I have many thoughts running through my mind as I connect with the realities of a new day. In this mix of thoughts, a word from the Lord is always present. Many times you will read some of the words I was given in that waking moment. In fact, at the end of this article, I will share one of those words God gave me this morning.

When we come awake, each of us needs to find clarity beyond the desire to just wake up, get to the coffee machine and begin a day checking off a list of responsibilities.

What I want to share with you has nothing to do with whether you are a morning or evening kind of person. Your mind is being renewed by the Spirit to rise above human biology or a predisposition to prefer a particular time of day. One of the first things I do at the moment of waking reality is to recognize the Lord. Once I steer my mind towards Him, all my other thoughts come into alignment behind that recognition. It is at that moment a word of direction or something to write or the instructions for a prophetic act to be completed later in the day is revealed.

Here is how it happened this morning. After recognizing the Lord, I saw the image of a composite person – you and me and other followers of Jesus – rise from their bed. As this person rose in bed, their head met a hovering sheet of flexible transparent plastic Saran wrap-like material that represented a word from the Lord. The plastic sheet began to wrap around the person’s head surrounding their mind protecting it from outside contamination. Lying in bed for just a moment longer, the Lord spoke to me about what the image represented. 

Today, some of you will need to make a decision – a decision that will have ramifications more significant than you realize at this moment. Choosing to recognize the Lord will be an act of faith that will release revelation. The answer you seek will appear among all the other options that are currently swirling around in your thinking. The simple act of recognizing God’s presence will open your thinking to possibilities not imagined had you not purposefully recognized God in the first waking thoughts of the day.

God loves you so much that He waits for you to awaken each day so He can have conversations with you not available in the night. Like a loving parent hovering over a child’s bed watching them breathe and make baby sounds, so it is with your Heavenly Father. When we did this with our two children in the early morning hours, and they finally opened their eyes and recognized either Jan or me, a sweet smile would come to their face. When their eyes met ours, we began to talk with them. That is what God waits to do with you each morning when you awaken.


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