Reconnected Relationships

by | Nov 1, 2014 | Destiny, Discipleship, Faithfulness, Family, Fathers, Healing, Honor, Identity, Love, Mercy | 1 comment

Have you noticed how some people simply drop off the radar of your life?  After a season of being connected you became disconnected due to the busyness of life and circumstances and you simply lost track of each other.

God is about to reconnect you with some of the people you have forgotten.  You did not forget them because you are uncaring.  You simply forgot because life got busy, you both moved on and other faces filled the vacancy created by their absence.

When these people are reconnected to your life there will be a Spirit-led reason for this reconnection. You are a different person now. In the intervening years God has done something new in your life. God is reconnecting you because what you now carry will have a God-designed, spiritual impact on the other person.  When you knew each other before you did not have this to offer, but now you do.  As you reconnect listen for the voice of the Spirit.  God will lead you into conversations that will uncover the destiny of your rediscovered friend and those conversations will also help you move forward in your own destiny.

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  1. Anonymous

    Amazing!! This helps me understand better a dream I had where I was sweeping the deep blue carpet of the house of a friend Which was filthy with visible dirt all round. I was using a small hand held broom. This friend and I connected deeply when we first met then she n I completely lost it. For sure… I am a different person now. I can't fully define what God has put in me but i Know it is a significant deposit.


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