Recovering You Spiritual Black Box

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Whenever a
spiritual crash takes place a debris field is left behind containing the
evidence of what went wrong. When the crash of an airliner occurs, the NTSB
arrives at the scene to collect evidence and find the black box hidden in the
wreckage. Pieces of the shattered aircraft, human remains and the last voice
recording just before the crash will tell the investigators what took place
moments before the fatal event. A natural crash can become a teaching metaphor
for our spiritual lives.

Have you ever crashed?
Somewhere in the debris field of your incident is the evidence of what brought
your fight to a tragic end. A divorce has a debris field. A business failure
has a debris field. So do challenges with children, extended families and

Let the Spirit have
His way as He walks with you among the broken pieces of your life to investigate the cause of your crash. In your spiritual debris field is the evidence God
will use to show you where things went wrong. The evidence collected will
actually help you build a new life that will not carry aboard the hidden
problems that failed in a critical moment of flight causing your fatal crash.

God will not
conduct His investigation to find fault and attach blame and then walk away. He
will do it in love to help you see from Heaven’s perspective how a future crash
can be prevented by designing a new way to fly.

In your future an
inaugural flight is waiting for you to board. Once you are onboard that flight
it will carry you into the future without the fear of past failures.  You will fly over your previous crash site and
view it from a safe altitude seated in a place of newfound confidence. This
time your flight will arrive without incident and land at the destination
called Destiny.


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