Releasing Spiritual Reservoirs

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Apostle, Change, Culture, Deliverance, Destiny, Forgiveness, Honor, Kingdom of God, Leadership, Pride, Revival, Trust | 1 comment

Some of you have felt like you are being forced to live inside a motionless spiritual reservoir when you know God has asked you to be a mighty river of His presence. You have allowed the expectations of people and religious organizations to become a dam holding you back from experiencing the flow of God’s presence. God is about to break the dam releasing you to begin a new journey downstream.

It seems like these embankments have the power to hold you back. They don’t. It is the attitude of your heart in the waiting that is more powerful than any restricting presence. These enclosures and their restrictions are not your enemy, nor are those who have erected them thinking that gathering is greater than going.

The enemy you will face in these reservoir seasons will be a stagnating negative attitude that attempts to increase its presence when the water is not free to flow. This stagnation wants access to your heart to bring with it the growing presence of pollution that will eventually affect you and the people who surround your life.

These restrictive enclosures will not stand forever against the increase God is bringing as His presence rains down. Soon the dam will break. Position yourself to move with the first flow of God’s Spirit by choosing to have a right heart attitude that only comes when you allow forgiveness, trust and honor to be the purifying filters of your thoughts and actions. When the embankment finally breaks you will be ready to experience the coming release of God’s presence and power.

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  1. Naomi Ruth

    This word is so powerful and timeless! The Lord talked to me about this very concept today and I’m grateful that it has been confirmed just a couple of moments later as I search the word reservoir first and then spiritual reservoir. So grateful for the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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