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Our northern neighbors in Canada are in jeopardy of being renamed Chinada. News is coming out of Canada via independent news sources revealing what is taking place in that nation, despite the limited reporting offered by the restricted and biased Canadian government-controlled media. Some of our news agencies here in America are cut from the same flawed fabric. Independent news sources are revealing what appears to be tactics similar to those used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control its populace. This is not just a Canadian problem. The influence of the CCP has been present in the United States for decades. Their influence is present in our sports, politics, the products we purchase.

Today, I heard peaceful protesters in Canada citing the Lord’s Prayer in unison. I emotionally lost it when I heard the sound of their impassioned prayer. In another location, I heard the plea of a black woman who was standing behind a podium eloquently declaring her right to live free and be able to determine what is placed inside her body. Others were singing the Canadian national anthem. The sound of those protests and proclamations will soon begin to flow from the north to the south and be revealed in the United States. 

I applaud the courage of my northern neighbors who are willing to sacrifice it all to live free. Future generations in Canada will thank those in this generation who were willing to speak up and stand in the way of emerging tyranny. 

A silent and compromised church in any nation will experience tremendous regret if it does not address important cultural issues from its pulpits. A version of faith isolated within the walls of a comfortable sanctuary that remains fearful of addressing the real issues facing its congregants will someday experience a painful sorrow that comes from its blind compliance with every government demand.

I love the sound of the national name, Canada. Chinada does not carry the sound of freedom. It sounds oppressive. I pray Canada remains the free nation we have all come to love. I pray the same for America.

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  1. Michelle

    Thank you for this post. I follow you on Facebook but cannot comment on your page. I live in Canada and God is preparing me to lose it all. Jesus Christ is my King and I only bow to Him. My prayers to all my brother and sisters in this Earth. Let us all stand in His victory and praise Him. God bless you brother and amen to freedom in USA and Canada!


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