If you are
reading this you are most likely using a computer or some handled device to
read these words. You know what a default setting is when it comes to
electronic machinery. A default setting lets you program a predetermined
preference into your computer so that you don’t t have to keep coming back each
time you open a program to tell it what you want it to do. In the natural world
of computers, a preset default is convenient. In your spiritual life, it is

When it comes to
our spiritual default settings, we can let fear, fatigue or faithlessness rule
our lives and determine our initial response. In other words, we can allow the
unhealthy and undisciplined areas of our lives to have the first word instead of
God’s Spirit.

My preset
default has changed over the years. A “yes”, “no” or even a “maybe” to an
invitation for ministry or recreation does not come out of my mouth before I
first inquire of the Lord to see if that invitation is something He wants me to
do. There are times He will say, “It’s your choice.” Many times these inquiries
take place in a moment of time even as an invitation or request is being
spoken. At other times, it may take several weeks before the Lord provides an

As a person who
is led by the Spirit and not by the physical indicators of the natural realm,
you must first inquire of the Lord before you invest your life and limited
energy in anything no matter how appealing or fearful it may seem. The answers
that come as the result of these inquiries will carry with them the strength,
anointing, and direction you will need to do something beyond your natural

Reset your default and watch your life take a dramatic turn. This can happen if
you are willing to reset your default to first inquire of the Lord.


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