Restorative Places

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Creativity, Peace, Restoration, Spirit | 0 comments

There are days when my soul is soothed by an hour or two of long instrumental electric guitar solos played by a master guitarist. (Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn and my friend, Caleb Quaye, to name just a few.) God uses the gift of music to chip away the crusty edges I have accumulated over time. In the reflection provided by the beauty of music, the Spirit speaks to me. Find that special place or experience that opens you up and exposes your soul to God. He will join you there and bring His gentle healing touch. Some of you reading this need to go to that place. It has been a long time. Refreshment awaits your arrival.


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