Restraining Walls Are Coming Down

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

The walls of fear that have defined and confined some relationships are coming down. The sound of that dismantling is echoing throughout our culture and within the Church. Where before people were afraid to step out or speak up they no longer are feeling obligated to remain within the perimeters of previous relationships and affiliations that made compliance and silence the admission price for experiencing community.

At one time or another most of us have thought, “What will so-and-so think if I say or do this?” It is part of human nature. We desire to remain in the herd and not become an outcast. Those who choose to no longer allow a constraining fear to surround them forcing them to live in an enclosure where their voice is muted into similarity will discover a new sense of freedom. It is a freedom to say and be who God created them to be without fear of rejection.

This is a prophetic moment in our lives. Walls are coming down and new voices are being heard. Historically, whenever this has taken place revolution, in the natural and spiritual realms, has taken place. If you are one of those voices the only true jeopardy is remaining enclosed and silent when God asks you to speak or act in a righteous manner. Your greatest opposition will come from those tasked to manage the status quo through control, threats, and in some cases violence. If this makes you uncomfortable, that is a good indicator you are in tune with reality.  


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