Retrieving the Promises

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Every season in your life will have a promise assigned to it. The children of Israel entered the Promised Land with a promise. The Early Church did not leave Jerusalem until the promised Spirit came. You will not move successfully through life without a promise. Everything given to us is the result of a promise God has made.                                                      

Promises are powerful because, when spoken, they become a gathering point to assemble the supernatural resources of God that make the promise become a reality. It is important for you to actually speak out the promises of God. Spoken promises interrupt the environment of the status quo and call forth something new. A spoken promise can become the turning point in a life-transition.                                                                                                     

If you feel like you have no promise, you have not been listening close enough to what God is saying. Ask God to share again with you the promises he has made over your life. As you wait, you will hear things that may sound presumptive or border on the absurd. You can trust God that He is good and has wonderful promises ready to release into your life.                                 

(An excerpt from the book, A Good Place. https://var/web/site/


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