Rising Together to See a Larger Spiritual Battlefield

by | May 1, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

I saw the image of military helicopters rising from a devastated battleground. A conflict had taken place and those in command of the victorious army had their troops board helicopters to see what only the generals directing the battle could see through their wide-reaching intelligence gathering. As the helicopters rose and provided an expansive view of the devastation the rotors of the helicopters sliced through swirling wisps of smoke rising from the remnants of the enemies smoldering weapons.

The Church has been involved in a conflict on many fronts. We have appeared divided in our effort and the enemy has taken advantage of that disunity. It has appeared to each of us our personal frontline was the only battle being fought, but the engagement was taking place across multiple fronts. Truth was the weapon that finally won each battle. Victory came when revelation spread across the land engaging what at the time appeared like overwhelming odds. The impact of truth devastated the enemy’s lies and deceptive tactics leaving behind the smoldering remnants of defeat. The helicopter ride was for the benefit of those who thought they were fighting alone.

Realizing the impact of truth is not always stark and immediate. There are times when our realization of what is true is like taking a ride in a rising helicopter that lifts us from an earthbound perspective to an altitude where clarity comes because we can see a much larger battle landscape. 

In the coming days, many helicopters will rise over our nation and the Church. We will begin to see from Heaven’s perspective things we have not seen because we were still earthbound engaged in separate battles we thought were unconnected to a much larger conflict. Some of what will be seen from this higher altitude will rudely awaken us to a reality we did not see. Those with whom we previously had a strong disagreement will become allies because we now share a similar vision of the greater conflict. We will see where we have been played and pitted against each other as part of the battle plan of the enemy. A stronger bond will form in our ranks preparing us for greater conflicts in the future. What the enemy used in an attempt to divide us will now become a place where we will experience a deeper sense of unity and camaraderie.


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