Sacred cows

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

We all own a herd of sacred cows. A sacred cow is an idea or custom we hold dear that has run its course. Upon a closer, and at times painful examination, we realize the continued existence of our sacred cow has become unreasonable.  One indicator of our unreasonableness is when we put our cows in a revered place beyond the reach of honest criticism. We protect our sacred cows by dressing them up with a tutu of tradition and labeling them sacred to keep them alive and untouchable. 

Disrobing our sacred cows becomes especially challenging when they are attached to our financial security or the perpetuation of something that once had meaning but no longer serve a purpose. These tutus can also be the emotional garments we attach to our cows or the language we use to affirm a failing idea hoping that by recruiting more voices of support our sacred cow’s existence can be kept alive. This is how a business or ministry slowly drains its life away and assumes a place of irrelevance.

The last two years have been a very challenging season for all of us. I have come to realize in the challenge that the Lord has been leading our sacred cows to the slaughterhouse. This is where the sacred cows that no longer serve a lasting purpose must go to die.  Being honest enough to allow something to be put to death is the first step required before it can be resurrected into something new. Heading to the spiritual slaughterhouse is never a comfortable or welcoming experience, but is a journey we must take if our faith and its expression are to remain vital and relevant. 

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  1. Linda

    Wow! Yes! Thank You Garris for these words of wisdom


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