Even though I have been writing and speaking for many years, I am still surprised where my words, either in script or video, end up. With the advent of socil media, it is easy to create a “trophy case” displaying where some of these words have been delivered. That would feed my pride and if not correctly discerned could cause me to fail an integrity check.  When God wants to carry our words to a unique audience, He can find a seam through which the word can pass that no plan of human intellect could predict.

A seam is that place where two fabrics meet and are sewn together. Some of you reading these words belong to neither fabric where a word you shared is waiting to be received. God will give you access to these unfamiliar garments by allowing your word to find your unique seam of significance through which to pass and be received. When God does this, there is no tear in the fabric. When we are the ones doing this, our pride tears open the seam in an attempt to make a way for ourselves. 

This morning, I was shown one of these seams for something I wrote that entered a new audience field that surprised me. The Lord said, “Leave it alone.” In other words, it is not for public consumption. These moments can become integrity checks to see if self-promotion or Kingdom promotion is our priority. I am beginning to see with new eyes my own brokenness in this area. Just when I think I have a grip on it, another seam of significance is passed through, and I get, once again, a choice to choose what I promote.

God has significant and transformative things to say and accomplish through your life. Give God the reins of your significance and let Him lead your gifts and calling into unique and unexpected places. If you can learn to live this way, you will be amazed at where the fruit of your life is being shared and enjoyed. 


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