Seasons of Spiritual Drought

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

The American West has been in what some are now calling a Millineum Drought. This is the worst drought in recorded history. Lakes like Powell and Mead are at historic lows. Fourteen states that rely on the water from these lakes for homes, communities, and farming are now considering drastic measures to ensure water is available to sustain life.

One area is seeing a very strange effect from the drought. Deep wells have been dug in the San Joaquin Valley of California to keep the crops alive. These crops feed much of the United States and other regions of the world. This drilling has tapped into ancient aquifers. The withdrawal of the aquifers has created a geologic void under the valley causing areas around the drill holes to collapse. In some cases, the land has fallen over 10 feet. Sinkholes are appearing. Home foundations and streets are cracking.  Bridges that had several feet of clearance over water canals are now in jeopardy of being submerged.

When things get dry and what flows beneath the surface is drained away, the terrain and landscape above will change. This is not only true in the natural world, but it holds true in matters of the Spirit. When we allow our spiritual life to run dry relationships begin to sink, so does our hope in the future. We become joyless and lethargic in our faith. There is only one remedy for this challenge. We need a fresh encounter with Jesus. We don’t need another list of laborious resolutions, or a new church, or a new spouse. We simply need the water of God’s Spirit that flows without measure into the life of someone hungry to encounter the Lord.

There are a lot of believers who have spiritually run dry in the last year. They are in a personal drought brought on by the sorrows and disappoints of life never pausing to get refilled in the process. Today, if you are dry, call on the Lord to refresh and replenish your soul. He will restore your emptiness and strengthen the foundations of your life shoring up what remains helping you get to the other side of this dry season. A drought of hope will always end when we experience a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ.


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