Seeing Our Addictions

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Change, Courage, Deliverance, Discipleship, Freedom, Grace, Hope | 0 comments

Whenever we choose to rest, we will discover our addictions. Rest from anything is the cessation of the effort required to maintain the presence of deception. That effort can be the unhealthy pursuit of power or prestige, eating to ease emotional pain, a life of constant busyness, substance abuse, or sexual bondage. These issues want to occupy our time, energy, and resources.  This occupation takes place because they constantly require our attention to cover our painful reality with a false sense of wellbeing. They help us mask and ignore the deeper unresolved issues in our life. 

Fasting is an expression of rest. It is more than not eating food. It is saying no to anything for a season to discover its importance and place in our life.  When we say no to something, we do it with a mission in mind of finding out if we can live at peace without its presence and effect. The danger of an unchallenged addiction is its ability to ultimately supplant the voice of God in our lives. 

From time to time, we need to review our assumptions by choosing to enter a season of fasting from their influence. In the fast, God may lovingly point out something that has kept us from hearing His truth. Once we understand the deeper truth of God in a particular area of our life, we will be able to establish that truth as our reality in the place of our addiction. When that exchange is made, a deep soul-satisfaction will come because the numbing presence of a lie will no longer hold a place of power and persuasion in our life.


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