by | Apr 23, 2022 | Prophetic | 2 comments

If you are facing something that causes concern, or even fear, look at it. Don’t turn away trying to ignore its presence. The first act of faith is to look at something that produces fear and anxiety just as the Israelites did when they were told to look at the serpent on the pole. Looking was the first step in their deliverance. While you are looking and fear continues to rage, begin to thank God and offer gratitude to Him for that sight. Thankfulness and gratitude are hallmarks of love. They are also a form of spiritual resistance that will cause the enemy to flee and the fear to dissolve. 


  1. Dawn R Kludt

    That’s good

    • Opa

      Gonna think about that one. In an agreeing sort of way. Never pondered on that viewpoint


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