Selling the Bike

by | May 14, 2020 | Obedience, Reformation, Trust | 0 comments

A few nights ago, I had an interesting dream. In the dream, the Lord asked me to sell my recumbent bicycle and buy a mountain bike. I thought the request to be odd since I enjoy the laidback riding position of a recumbent. It’s like peddling while sitting in an easy chair.  

I knew the image of bicycles was a spiritual metaphor, so I asked the Lord to help me understand the message. He said, “You have new terrain up ahead. This transition will require that you explore new and challenging trails. I need you in a terrain-appropriate vehicle.” Yesterday, I put my recumbent on Craigslist as a prophetic act of obedience.

Many of us are about to enter new and unimproved trails of our calling. The vehicle we used in the past may not allow us to navigate the terrain of an unfolding future. 

I know I’m not alone in this feeling. God is preparing new vehicles of vision, mission, and calling for many of us. As we enter a time of social re-engagement it’s important to know we are riding on something that will allow us to navigate through this time of transition and arrive in the future God is about to reveal.  


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