Silent Running

by | May 20, 2020 | Truth, Vision., Wisdom | 0 comments

God has been inviting some of us to go to a deeper place, away from the overwhelming and never-ending surface clatter we hear in the public sphere. Fear has bullied its way into our cultural dialogue. Some of what is being vented is our unresolved fears – fear of what is happening in our world, fear of a loss of control, or simply a fear of the unknown. God is coming after our fear because fear and love cannot coexist. One will be supplanted by the presence of the other.

In submarine maneuvering, there is a tactic called silent running. It is a stealth mode of operation that allows a submarine to move undetected through the ocean to position itself to gather intelligence or set up a tactical operation.  During silent running, all but the essential systems of the sub are turned off, and the propeller speed is reduced. The crew is told to remain quiet and not make any noise that could transmit through the hull and alert enemy detection systems of the submarine’s presence. 

Positions on a variety of important issues have been declared on the surface of our current cultural conversation. We know where most people stand. Maybe wisdom will ask some of us to take a moment to go deep and run silently. In going deeper, we will take our opinions with us to a new depth. In that deep and silent place, apart from the noise of human opinion, the Lord will speak either affirmation or adjustment to those things we thought were so right while we were still cruising on the surface, confident that we saw everything with such clarity. When our voice finally returns to the surface, we will bring with us a new understanding and insight that only comes when we have allowed God to take us deep and run silently in a quiet place.

“In quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 32:15).


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