Snakes of Deception

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

I was in the right place at just the right time to see a very unique natural event take place. What I witnessed would become a word of encouragement for me and hopefully for anyone reading these words. 

I had just finished driving through a series of tight turns on a mountain road when I entered a straight section at a slow speed. In front of me off to my right, a large hawk swooped down from the sky and caught a snake in the grass at the edge of the road. The hawk immediately rose to about 50 feet and flew across the road with the wriggling snake dangling in tow. When the hawk crossed the road, he let go of the snake and it fell on the opposite shoulder where it died on impact. When I passed, I could see through my rearview mirror the hawk had returned to his lifeless prey to do whatever he had planned. As I drove away, the Lord began to speak to me using the hawk and the snake as the visual props for a word. 

The Lord is always removing unseen dangers from our path. We cannot see these dangerous possibilities from our earthly perspective. They are only visible from above. The Lord will remove them from our path of faith and destroy their evil intent. 

In the coming days expect dramatic displays of the Lord’s deliverance. Some relationships thought to be safe and secure will be revealed as manipulative and unhealthy. Lies so well-crafted they sound like the truth will be exposed. Expressions of faith that hold individuals and groups in emotional and spiritual bondage will suddenly be confronted and revealed. 

The Lord always guards the path of the righteous. He will be faithful to identify and confront the things we cannot see and would never imagine they exist. To know the Lord is our ever-faithful sentinel allows us to travel through life in freedom and peace knowing He sees everything, especially those hidden issues slithering in the grass of deception.


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