Something Is Coming

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Future, Hope, Peace, Trust | 0 comments

Jan and I live on a quiet street nestled in the foothills of Southern Oregon. We are shielded from much of the noise generated by the communities in valley below. There are times when it is completely silent. This morning in the stillness, I heard the distant and barely discernible sound of a train horn. The train tracks are seven miles from our home and the distance made the horn sound soft and almost poetic in the quiet of the early morning hours.

As soon as I heard the sound of the train’s horn, I felt a nudge of the Spirit and heard the words, “Something is coming.” I knew this was the voice of the Lord. I also knew He was not speaking about a coming disaster, a war or another terrorist attack. These will always be with us until the kingdoms of this earth become the Kingdom of our Lord. This was a different kind of announcement. This was an announcement about the release of a new measure of God’s presence upon the earth. This arrival of God’s presence will take place while the noise and fear of culture tries to deafen the ears of God’s people to His ultimate work of goodness and restoration.

There has been so much of this surface noise in every culture throughout all of time. This cultural noise tries to fill our ears with hopelessness, fear and discouragement. As a result, the ability to rest is stripped away and people begin to live in a perpetual state of emotional fatigue that the noise of an unredeemed and fear-based culture produces.

As I heard the distant sound of the train horn this morning, I realized God is inviting us to listen in the same way. Today, amidst the noise of a fearful culture, find a peaceful place in your heart where you can hear the gentle invitation of God’s Spirit and you will begin to hear the sounds of something new that is coming you way.


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