Spiritual Crossfire

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Prophetic | 4 comments

One of the most dangerous things that can happen in armed conflict is the possibility of crossfire. As a threat level increases so will the potential for tunnel vision. When our natural abilities are focused on a threat, we blur out other things in our field of vision to focus our effort on the resolution of the danger.  It is a survival tactic, but one that requires training to overcome so that our actions do not create negative outcomes.

Crossfire happens when team members, under the influence of stress-induced tunnel vision, put themselves in the line of fire of fellow teammates. Under the influence of tunnel vision, they step into a place of jeopardy as they address a threat losing awareness of their team members’ position.

For those of us who profess to follow the Lord, we can become so focused on certain issues that we forget the principles of crossfire. Fellow believers can take unnecessary hits in our passion to rectify a wrong when we fire off our opinion with only the sight picture of our limited insight. These hasty discharges take place without considering who and what our opinion will impact. Spiritual tunnel vision can cause fellow believers to take hits that were intended for whatever enemy we perceived as the latest threat.

Before we fire off our next comment, we would be wise to allow the Spirit to expand our vision to see who might be standing in our line of fire. It would be a sad thing to discover that our need to express an opinion produced death, not life.


  1. Deborah

    I have experienced this so often lately. One person in a group feels empowered to spray a volley of opinions without a thought to what that is producing. The world will know that we are Christians by our love.

  2. Barbara Stich

    In our need to vent regarding events unfolding, this is a very good post to re-read. Some of us seem to think that “reaping what you’ve sown” only applies to who we think is the adversary. If a Christ-follower sows dishonor, then dishonor is the harvest. We all had better switch our divine love gene on and truly represent our Lord.

  3. Opa

    Good wise counsel. Thank you.

  4. Heather Hutchins

    This was so excellent thank you for bringing into view what’s important in dealing with the challenges of our day


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