Church history is formed over time and can appear like a glacier moving at a speed imperceptible to the natural eye. In these glacial-like seasons, some have given up hope and allowed human opinion to form a worldview in conflict with truth.  At other moments in our developing history, unexpected eruptions will take in the culture and within the Church. These eruptions can appear like a volcano exploding violently and unexpectedly, radically changing the spiritual and cultural landscape. 

We are coming out of a glacial season. Eruptions are about to take place that will release a spiritual pressure that has been building up over time. When this spiritual volcano erupts emotional debris will be thrown into the air, and the molten lava of God’s presence will move down the slopes of our theology clearing away any misunderstanding of His heart and purpose for the world. 

The only way to prepare for this coming eruption is to wisely monitor the condition of our hearts. Unrighteous judgments, a misunderstanding of God’s love or any human attempt to form God into an idol of our own making will be burned away in the explosion of God’s presence. 

We can become like an old mountain lying dormant encrusted with spiritual cynicism and disbelief. God wants to change the landscape of our faith. That change is nothing to fear. His eruptions are eruptions of love. They have a mission to alter our acceptance of the status quo as our forever reality. God’s eruptions will clear away the old and make way for something new.


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