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Not all advice is wise. I recently read a piece of advice given to someone whose vehicle dashboard warning light was blinking indicating a problem. The non-mechanic advisor said “Just put a piece of tape over the light. It’s annoying.”

In the last few months, I have come to realize many within the Church are driving their faith around with tape placed over the warning signals of the Spirit. These warnings are being issued regarding what is taking place in our culture, and sadly, within the Church. The warning lights have been dismissed by those who have been hypnotized by a deception that says nothing is amiss. They have been encouraged by their leaders to tape over the warning lights and to keep on driving because confronting the cause of the warnings is somehow considered inappropriate for a life of faith.  

Wisdom requires that we peel off the tape of our dismissals and discern the cause of the warnings. A taped-over problem will allow us to move forward for a little longer, but in the end, the engine of that kind of faith will fail. True leaders in God’s Kingdom are spiritual mechanics. They diagnose warning signals and announce them with clarity to those under their care. They invite people to peel off the tape of their naivety and bring their faith in for repair no matter whose advice that diagnosis challenges. 


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