Stay on the Safe Road

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Courage, Death, Deliverance, Discernment, Discipline, Truth | 0 comments

Not all detours will get you safely around the unexpected delays when life gets congested. Some detours will lead you down perilous paths. There are times when seeking constant forward progress is not the best choice. Waiting for the way to open while cultivating contentment in the delay is many times the wisest choice.

A couple of days ago, we experienced a west coast winter cyclone similar in strength to a Category 2 east coast hurricane. Our storm brought high winds and dumped loads of snow in our region. Interstate 5 was closed from northern California to southern Oregon. Stranded Thanksgiving travelers became a parking lot on the freeway waiting for snowplows to clear the roadway. 

Some travelers became impatient and decided to use their GPS to find a secondary road to get around the blocked freeway. One group took a gravel road not maintained in the winter, and all 13 of their vehicles became stuck. Finally, after hours of exposure to blizzard conditions, search and rescue were able to rescue them from what could have been a tragic incident.

This happens each winter when urban dwellers not used to the reality of winter storms and who blindly trust technology like GPS put themselves in life-threatening situations.  GPS is normally safe in the summer when the roads are dry and clear, but it is an invitation to tragedy in the winter for the uninitiated.

At times, our lives can feel like a blocked freeway in a blizzard. A storm of life may have brought our plan to a standstill, and we want to get moving again. We have places to go and people to see. In those stalled seasons, we might start looking for a way around a relationship, a mistake, or a commitment that has delayed its promise. 

If this is where you find your life, don’t be too quick to leave the current path and explore untested options.  If God spoke and put you on this path, don’t seek another route until God speaks again. The delay in your plans will require patience and trust as the Lord clears the road ahead. Wait for Him to speak. Do not trust an emotional GPS that is luring you onto a side road. The decision to respond only to the voice of God will be free from regret and will eventually deliver you safely to your destination.


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