Staying in Our Land and Making It Beautiful

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Love, Prophetic, Relationahips, Trust | 0 comments

Today, I went shopping for a few ingredients for my crab mac n’ cheese recipe. In the parking lot, I ran into a friend of ours who lives in our neighborhood. As friends do, we talked about life, and the subject of what I was preparing for lunch came up. Our friend said she would love to eat my crab mac n’ cheese, but some of her chronic health issues would not allow her such freedom. 

Our conversation shifted to making the most of life’s challenges, specifically regarding food and eating things that agree with our constitution. It was at that point I said, “It is always good to stay in our lane and make it as beautiful as possible.” I was referring to making the places of our limitations as beautiful as we could and, in the case of a menu, as tasty as our dietary limitations would allow. Our friend walked away, smiling. I headed home to the kitchen.

Perhaps my off the cuff slogan, “Stay in our lane and make it beautiful”, is sage advice for all of us. None of us can run in all the lanes that life offers, but we can find our lane and make it as beautiful as possible. If we can do that, our culture might make the shift we have all been hoping for.


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