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by | May 30, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

Last month, I took one of my rifles out to the gun range. I wanted to fire a few rounds to make sure the rifle was still sighted in and on target. It was a hasty affair. I stapled a target to a stack of cardboard boxes and fired away.  I didn’t use my normal bench rest sled set up. I simply laid the rifle across my toolbox and shot away. The rifle was still on after a couple of years of no shooting. Instead of using up any more ammo, I called it good. I was now confident the rifle would perform as desired.

As I looked at the photo of the target, I began to think of some of us who may not have exercised a particular gift in a while. Maybe it has been because of this season of social separation or because we entered a new assignment. There are coming tests where the Lord will confirm what He has given you. This confirmation is not only to reaffirm your confidence in God’s gifts but to reaffirm your personal confidence in the use of those gifts. 

When I left the range I was confident in the rifle’s setup and my ability to put rounds on target. If you have gifts and talents that have languished because of a lack of use, the Lord will be faithful to put you in situations where you will be able to confirm those gifts and talents will still perform as intended. As you step into new and unfamiliar circumstances you will be able to press the spiritual trigger with confidence in the Lord that He will be able to use you to deliver His truth into the bullseye of His intended target.

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  1. Jeff McLeod

    Spot On!


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