Sudden and Decisive Victories

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

On occasion, stealth is part of God’s Kingdom strategy. Not all that God does is out front and visible for all to see. Many times, His victories will come suddenly as a surprise, especially for those without spiritual discernment. The biggest surprise will be to Satan who did not see a victory coming and never knew what finally hit him spoiling his evil plans. The outcome of these sudden interventions will create, despair and desperation for hell and its minions. For those who follow Jesus Christ, these rapid and devasting defeats of darkness will create praise and worship.

This week, Jan and I were having a conversation about current events and the obvious descent of our culture into new levels of intellectual insanity and the acceptance of all forms of evil.  I remarked that I wondered when the truth about these issues would rise to the surface helping people, especially believers, see what is taking place. As I spoke, I realized I was expressing my frustration and impatience. We finished our conversation affirming once again, that God is never taken by surprise and He is never without a plan of deliverance no matter how far down the rabbit hole people allow themselves to be led.

I remember those times as a SWAT team member being called up in the middle of the night to engage in an operation. Those in the neighborhood where these operations took place knew nothing of our presence or what was about to transpire. In extreme stealth, my partner and I would move around a house to gather intel for the team to plan our entry. The criminals never knew we were there. Then at just the right tactical moment with the proper intel gathered, a door was breached, and the criminals were arrested. They never knew what hit them. 

The Lord has the current expressions of evil surrounded by the faithful prayers of intercessors, warring angelic hosts, and believers who see through the veils of deception that were crafted and put in place to create delusions of peace and safety for the naïve. When the Lord gives the “Go” signal events will transpire with such rapidity, the devil and those he is using for his evil ends will never know what hit them.


  1. Linda Franusich

    Thank You for your he word of encouragement

  2. John Anderson II

    Joshua 10.10-12 records a sudden stealthy victory that the Lord executed before Joshua prayed: (1) Large rocks “from the sky” missed every Israelite and killed Philistines including those riding on horseback.

    A second victory came after Joshua prayed, inspired by the miracle above: (2) Sunlight persisted for about 24 hours while the battle raged on.

    Some believers with astronomical insight have remarked that on that day, the path of Mars came between Earth and our moon, reflecting sunlight for nearly a day, and metorites in Mars’ gravitational sway entered Earth’s atmosphere and fell to the ground. Their journey would have begun about 2 1/2 hours before entering Earth’s atmosphere, and their fall to the ground would take an additional 7 minutes or so.

    If this is how these rocks fell from the sky, it makes the miracle even more significant, as the LORD knew where they would be and how fast they would be moving hours before the battle began! Anyone who has thrown a snowball at a running kid or a football to a wide receiver knows how delicate the timing can be.

    Application? The LORD knows the nature of our battle and has sovereignty arranged to engage our enemies even before we know that there is a battle and have an idea where the enemy is. The LORD of hosts (armies) is mighty in battle, and mighty to save.


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