Surprises are Coming

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Revelation, Truth, Vision., Wisdom, Worship | 0 comments

Surprises are coming. When they arrive, they will adjust our interpretation of reality and bring correction to our misunderstanding of God’s heart and His Kingdom. These surprises will be sourced from God’s throne, not from earthly logic, human reasoning, or our preferred religious history. 

Even the most brilliant thinkers and insightful prophetic voices will bow under the influence of this revelation. The surprises will come as an invasion of love – revelations of God’s heart and His merciful intent for humanity. 

We will all stand corrected under the waterfall of this revelation. As God’s revealed truth flows over our tired and defensive souls, a refreshment will come washing from our eyes the accumulated debris of frustration and angst that has blinded our eyes from seeing the intent and purposes of God.


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