Suspicion is on the Prowl

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Prophetic | 7 comments

A spirit of suspicion is working overtime to divide the Church. In the last 18 months, I have had people I’ve known for years doubt my integrity and motives simply because I view a particular aspect of God’s Kingdom from a slightly different perspective. When this happens it is grieving to our soul.

Suspicion is something to which we can all fall prey. Suspicion’s ultimate goal is division. It plays out most often when a religious or political spirit is running rampant in a society like it is doing in our nation at this moment in our history. If we are not careful and let this spirit have its way, the Holy Spirit will no longer be at the helm of our thinking. Dark agendas designed to create division and bring death to our relationships will take hold and determine our heading.

Suspicion reinterprets a situation through our limited insight and then uses that flawed interpretation to implant an offense. The reinterpretation happens when our bias becomes the filter to determine what we consider to be the truth. That offense then attaches itself to a judgment and that judgment is used to create the distance of heart and mind required to produce division.

Yesterday, the sadness of the divisive work of suspicion hit home in a very profound way. I felt sorrow. I spent the day praying and blessing those I know who have fallen victim to this predatory spirit. These are good people. They are not my enemy. I knew how to pray because, in my own life, there have been times I yielded to suspicion’s temptation and was robbed of the joy that comes from being one with people even though we might not see eye-to-eye on the non-essentials of our faith.  Be careful. We are sailing through treacherous waters.


  1. Andi Smith

    Thank you Garris. We indeed are sailing through treacherous waters, with the threat of division all around. It is very sad. I am trying to remember to keep the promise before me from Psalm 133. “How truly wonderful and delightful it is to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity” And it’s in this unity that God decrees his blessings. Your post is a reminder to celebrate the joy that comes from being one with others through the love of Christ in us.

  2. Pamela Fultz

    Dear Garris,
    I thank God in Christ Jesus that you are able to articulate, in writing, things many of us only think.
    Thank you for using your gift to bring light and encouragement; to spur us on in looking deeper to see when the enemy of our souls is tightening a grasp around our own throats.
    Just this morning I am asking “What is keeping my relationship with You from deeper intimacy Lord?…and how do I learn to have relationships with people who, in my opinion, aren’t looking to you? …and that being said, begin with cleaning the dross out of my thoughts, remove the webs of deception that have found place in my own house that cause division…help me see clearly to be able to stand for godly righteousness without taking offense, humbly but boldly.”

  3. Rick Davis

    Great word my brother and fellow warrior. I see the heart of the Father in your message.

  4. Mike Ferry

    I feel with and for you. There is such an adjustment going on in the Body of Christ. Many, including myself are pressing hard into Wisdom & Grace to stay pliable in this season. The scales falling from our eyes has a deafening sound in the Spirit. Now to hold fast until our spiritual eyes adjust.

  5. Riekie

    So true!! Thank you for putting it out there. It’s not just USA. As the American culture has been copied around the world this also is spreading everywhere. The covid debate is being used worldwide as the political debate is used for you. Thank you Garris

  6. Janet Sherman

    Wow, I just read a profound word of knowledge. This is the best definition of suspicion that I’ve read written out. Love covers a multitude of sins. pray in the holy spirit is the answer, Dedication to the Holy Spirit-God-Jesus Christ first.
    Stand with you Garris.
    Division is an enemy, We claim the Victory that Christ has established over Satans tactics.

  7. Janet Sherman

    We stand with you Garris, and appreciate your word of knowledge.
    We claim the scripture that “Love covers a multitude of sins.”


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