The words we write and speak are like artillery rounds that strike the shoreline of a human heart. Communication in any form, verbal or written, is like a pre-invasion artillery barrage that a navy will use to pound a hardened and fortified shoreline just before troops are sent ashore. The effect of the words we launch will be determined by the condition of our heart and the method of our communication. Content, no matter how well-crafted will become secondary. 

When our words strike their intended target and detonate hopefully they will release prophetic explosions of hope and purpose, not death and despair.   Words of prophetic hope have a greater impact than the expression of our opinions. When crafted under the tutelage of the Spirit our words can soften the beachhead of the human heart preparing the way for an invasion of God’s presence. With these invasions will come the delivery of unrealized destiny for both individuals and culture.

Whenever you make a comment on any social media platform or in casual conversation evaluate the sound, method, and content of your communication before you hit the “send” button. Some of what we release can end up creating harm not hope if we are not wise and measured in our response to the impassioned subjects for which we have an opinion.


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