The Blessing of Dismantled Assumptions

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

As we begin to emerge from this pandemic season where a significant dismantling of ministries has taken place, God will not reconstruct our broken concepts about His Kingdom or our preferred models of ministry that led us to this challenging place. He has something better and more impactful in mind. 

In the process of that Kingdom-building, some of what we thought was important we will need to leave behind if we want to move forward under the direction of the Spirit.  To move forward our hands must be free from assumptions formed in times when our faith was left unchallenged by change.

Pray for those who currently lead any form of ministry, whether it be a local church or a global movement. They are currently in a process of reassessment and that reassessing process can be very painful, but in the end, profitable and beneficial for those willing to engage its discipline. Some of the ministries that will have the most profound impact in the future will be those who rose from the rubble of deconstruction and allowed God to reconstruct them according to His original blueprint. 


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