The Blessing of Faithfulness

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

What I am about to write could come off as just another husband bragging about his wife, and that is not my intent. I do like to brag about Jan as a woman, mother, and wife, but this is different. I want to speak about her as a co-laborer in Christ and a respected leader in the Church.

As Jan has been writing her four-volume work creating blessings from the book of Isaiah, I have heard things about God, His Kingdom, and the history of Israel and the Church I had not heard in my 40+ years of study. What Jan has drawn out of Isaiah is profound, something only discovered when someone like Jan has spent 50 years relating to a book on almost a daily basis for her personal devotions and now followed by two years of deep study. Some would think writing a book of blessings is simply filling the pages with encouraging words. While encouragement is present, each blessing is created from a place of intense study, unpacking the language, history, and customs of the time. This kind of diligent research has given her book a unique substance.

I have often thought that I would like to sit under Jan’s teaching from Isaiah and listen to her share what the Lord has revealed to her in her times of study. Then I thought, I have had that honor for the last several years always amazed at the revelation she carries and releases in the form of a blessing. What Jan offers in her writing is something only a faithful and proven servant of the Lord can create, someone who is committed to revealing the Father’s heart for those of us alive today and for future generations yet to be born.


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