The Coming Birds of Pray

by | May 25, 2017 | Prayer, Provision, Resurrection, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

Last night, as I lay in bed just before falling asleep, an image came. I was being carried underneath the belly of a huge bird in flight. In my peripheral vision, I could see its massive wings working up and down. We were flying over something large but from our altitude, its largeness had faded in significance into the scenery passing below. The interesting thing was the lack of fear I was feeling. To be up this high and with nothing underneath would normally create fear but it was a flight of pure joy and wonder. I knew I was going to be safe and secure held in the bird’s powerful talons. I finally fell asleep with that image in my mind.

This morning, as soon as I awakened, I heard the Lord say, “I am sending the birds of pray”. The Lord showed me the words He was speaking like they were a ticker-tape presentation so I could see the actual words spelled out. I know birds of prey refer to raptors like eagles, hawks, and falcons that hunt and kill their prey. They are known for their unusually powerful eyesight and hunting prowess. 

The Lord explained that He purposefully changed the usage of the word prey to pray for a reason. Some of you have faced obstacles you need to get past. You can no longer wait at the base of these obstacles looking up at their summit of impossibility. God is about to intervene in order to transport you and your circumstance to the other side. You have prayed and the answers to your prayers are coming. When they arrive, they will be birds of pray – answered prayers – that are being sent to lift you up and over your greatest obstacle and put you down on the other side in a place of answered prayer.

This flight will be an exhilarating display of God’s power and His loving care for you. When this happens, relax and enjoy the flight. God will not drop you prematurely. He will gently set you down in a place that seemed impossible to imagine before the birds of pray arrived.


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