The Coming Turn

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

The dream was very vivid and expressed in great detail. As the dream began, I knew I was representing some in the Church who have never been taught about spiritual warfare, and as a result, have missed a basic understanding of its elements.

In the dream, I rounded a corner to address a threat. As I came face-to-face with the threat, I fired my weapon, but to no avail. It was like my weapon was firing blanks. I retreated and took cover behind a barrier to reconsider my options. In my confusion, I dropped my weapon. It fell to the ground, breaking apart. Each piece of the weapon was now on the ground before me, not in a jumbled mess, but laid out in a very ordered schematic-like fashion ready for reassembly.

As I pondered the meaning of the dream, the Lord highlighted several points of interpretation. At the beginning of the dream, rounding the corner and facing the threat represented a turn the Church is making in the realm of the Spirit. We are being turned to recognize and confront spiritual forces in high places previously not imagined – things not seen with the natural eye. That engagement will not be limited to warfare taking place in the unseen spiritual realm. It will create by-products of its victory in the physical realm. 

When my weapon fell to the ground and broke apart, I realized I was witnessing a work of the Lord. He is disassembling our misconceptions about spiritual warfare and reassembling our understanding making us ready to engage those things that oppose His will. Before the reassembly begins, the Lord wants us to understand the interworking of the weapons of spiritual warfare like a master gunsmith would know each working part of a weapon under his care, not as just a concept but a living reality in a life of faith.

In the coming days expect many of our assumptions about spiritual warfare to be broken apart and reassembled into working weapons able to be wielded in love by the hand of God. These weapons will take the form of prayers of declaration, decrees, and prophecy. The Lord will use the weapons of this warfare to set free people who are currently being held in places of spiritual bondage and blindness. This kind of spiritual warfare will accelerate the process of reformation that will come as individuals and entire nations become the promised harvest of the Great Commission.


  1. Zachary Fernandez

    Hi Garris, this really spoke to me. Can you share with me a resource for where I can learn about spiritual warfare. As a new Christian, I have a lot of desire to understand these unseen blind spots that I feel like our working in our church/nation and in my life.

    • Garris Elkins

      Hello Zachary, Please go to my website at, and in the search feature type in “Spiritual Warfare.” You will be taken to articles regarding the subject. Also, my book, Prayers from the Throne of God, addresses warfare prayer.


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