A Fresh Wind of God’s Spirit

by | Sep 16, 2017 | Deliverance, Faith, Holy Spirit, Miracles, Power, Supernatural | 0 comments

You will make it through this challenging season of life. A fresh wind of God’s Spirit is beginning to blow and the effect of that wind will change everything.

When I was a teenager living near Santa Cruz, California, I spend a lot of my time surfing up and down the central California coast. One of my favorite days was to surf when a strong offshore wind was blowing. These winds would flow from land out to sea. When the offshore wind hit an incoming wave it would hold up the face of the wave longer than normal allowing us to shoot through sections of the wave that under normal conditions would close out ending our ride. The wind allowed us to ride through sections of a wave not available on a windless day.

Yesterday, I saw a photo of a surfer riding a wave. A strong offshore wind was blowing. The photo captured a wind blowing so strong it was blowing off the top of the waves.  Under the influence of the wind, the rider was able to ride across the suspended face of the wave just before the wave collapsed behind him.

As I viewed the image, I felt it was a visual metaphor for some of you who have entered a season where some sections of your life feel like they are in danger of immediate collapse. Just like a surfer longs for an offshore wind to hold up the face of a wave, you are about to receive a fresh wind of God’s Spirit. This wind will prevent a premature collapse of what lies before you in this particular section of your life-journey. What looks like a predictably short-lived ride will be transformed into an extended ride by the wind of the Spirit. God will hold up your wave long enough for you to transit its challenges. 

Stay on your board and press through this section of the wave. Don’t pull out of the ride prematurely.  When you complete this ride you will flash the same kind of smile that appeared on my young face each time an offshore wind helped me make it through a challenging section of a fast-moving wave. The wind of God’s Spirit is beginning to blow. Move forward with that expectation!


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