In the Book of Acts physical healing and deliverance from demonic powers was the result of Spirit-empowered commands, not prayers. “Rise up!” and Come out!” were the commands spoken as the Church advanced into new territory. These commands were the audible transmission of God’s heart for broken people and culture.

Someone asked me why they were not seeing miracles taking place in their life and ministry like those in the Early Church. One reason might be that people spend their time pleading with God in prayer for something He has already promised. Instead, the Early Church cultivated their ability to hear what the Spirit was saying in each unique situation they encountered. When they heard heaven they obeyed by issuing commands. This is why the miracles came is such abundance.

This kind of lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. The first people who will challenge you are those held captive within religious formulas. If your command does not fit their formula you will bear their label of disdain.

Today, ask God to give you ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. Ask for the faith to believe what you are hearing and the courage to release a command of freedom. Nothing is able to stand in the way of God’s revelation because truth is designed and empowered to displace every work of darkness that holds people captive to its deception.


  1. Meech

    God I needed this…thanks for the reminder.

  2. Bette Cox



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