The Coup de Gras of God

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Love, Mercy, Obedience | 1 comment

The phrase, Coup de Gras, is a term we use to describe a
deathblow of mercy swiftly administered to end suffering. It is also written, Coup de Grace, depending on the dictionary one uses.

There is another kind of Coup de Gras. The Coup de Gras of
God is a swift and sudden expression of grace released with a heart of mercy
upon broken individuals and culture. This Coup de Gras brings a deathblow to
the root causes of suffering releasing resurrection life and the hope of a new

In this heated season of political and cultural discourse we
need to strike hopelessness and fear with practical and Spirit-directed
expressions of grace and mercy. The political debates will not bring an end to
human suffering and neither will getting your favorite candidate elected to the
highest office in the land. This mission of mercy takes place at the grassroots level where we see suffering people eye to eye, not from an elevated platform of pride.

A Coup de Gras – a strike of grace – is the only way to
bring an end to the pain and suffering that fills our land.  Whenever you see anything taking place that
does not align with the heart of God strike hard and fast with an abundance of grace. Your
strike of grace will put to death the lies of assumption that have enslaved people to believe that suffering and a slow death is their only option in life.

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  1. Arie

    Thank you for this post. I drive a bus at night therefore I see and deal with a lot of humanity. Gives me the impetus that this is a legitimate ministry but just not inside the four walls.


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