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We have entered a delusional and deceptive intersection where biased experts and their fact-checkers are free to roam unchallenged manipulating facts to support their conclusions. This is not limited to medical misinformation. It applies to all aspects of life. 

What makes this deception possible and empowers its continued existence are the venues we employ each day to provide us with the information we seek to form our opinions and worldview. These venues have become complicit portals of deception. The only reliable source of truth is the Spirit of God. When the truth is coupled with a developed sense of discernment those who chose to walk in that discerning revelation will be ostracized, mocked, demonized, and expelled from previously held positions of credibility. 

Listen for the voices who themselves were once corralled in the stables of approved experts who through their own independent study have abandoned the security of that former life and the support provided for them by their fact-checkers. They now stand naked before culture declaring an uncomfortable truth, a truth not readily accepted by the programmed masses.

These freed ones are dangerous to the kingdom of darkness because they have stepped out from the corrals of informational bondage to run free under the leading of the Spirit of Truth.  Do not lose hope. When it appears that deception is taking place, a breakthrough of revelation is always approaching.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). 


  1. Opa

    I’m copping a bit of flak for my stance, can’t visit my father in hospital because of my stance, a friend of mine has lost her job because of her stance. I’m determined to do things that are true to myself, fighting hard not to succumb to fear because fear is definitely wrong. Getting to know and experience God more,for who He really is and sofar that part is great!

    • Riekie Dalm

      Opa there are many standing with you! My family also. 30+yrs of distinguished service to the health sector now unemployed however standing in trust of a good God who we know never fails us. He wants a deeper intimacy with us. Having done all to stand,stand therefore. Bless you. May Holy Spirit still your heart and quiet your mind to let you see this the way He does


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