The initial indicator that a reformation of culture is actually taking place will not be the arrival of new business models, fair and unbiased news media, creative trends in art and entertainment and so on. These are all by-products of a deeper change. Listen for a change in the sounds coming from the summits of the 7 mountains of culture. You are about to hear a new sound – a sound of displacement coming from the spiritual forces that currently inhabit and control these spheres of cultural influence. 

This process of displacement will be a re-education for some in the Church who may have forgotten or dismissed Paul’s admonition that we do not fight against people or institutions but against spiritual forces occupying high places in the spiritual realm. These spiritual enemies have stepped from the second heaven to inhabit places of influence atop the summits of culture in our realm, the first heaven. From these positions of influence, they are administering a counterfeit authority contrary to the will of God. 

Carriers of reformation are scaling the slopes of these mountains bringing with them the transforming presence of God’s love. A shift of influence is taking place, and with that shift, a chorus of desperate shrieks is being heard from the forces of darkness who are beginning to lose their grip on the minds of people. These sounds of defeat will be heard as an encounter with the overwhelming power of Jesus Christ begins to confront each controlling presence that currently sits atop the summits of cultural influence. 


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