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The Lord is derailing false destinies that were used to keep people from knowing their true destiny. These derailments from the tracks of deception are preparing the way for people to become major players in God’s Kingdom.

As natural derailments result in a crash and the end of the line, do not interpret a spiritual derailment in the same way. With God, a crash is never the end. It is a beginning. From the rubble of a crash, new tracks will be revealed that will lead to a God-ordained destiny filled with inexpressible joy.

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  1. Jonathan Khan

    Powerful concise message on God’s divine derailments! It is not only the devil that seeks to derail us from God’s destiny. It is God who also intercepts and dramatically shifts us in accuracy towards our destination in Him. Indeed He is working both to will and to do of His pleasure in our lives.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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