The Dull Blades of Criticism

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Forgiveness, Healing, Intimacy, Restoration | 0 comments

Not all words cut like a sharp knife. Some words cut with the dull blade of
malicious intent. The pain from these wounds is intense. The person who spoke
to you did not know your heart. Their words were fueled by an ignorant anger. As
a result, you have been left with a wound – a jagged and raw incision of unrighteous

Like a wound would heal in the natural, there is a healing
process in the Spirit. These wounds will
take time to heal. This process of
healing is not because God cannot instantly heal you. God takes time to do this kind of work because
He wants to use the healing process to get to that deeper place where these words

That deeper place was exposed by these unloving comments. Pull your wound apart and dig deep into its
crease and ask God to show you what is at the bottom of the wound channel. This will be a powerful discovery. Once you discover this buried target and
disempower it, when the blades of criticism begin to slash away
at you in the future, they will no longer have a target in which to thrust their judgment and
unloving criticism.


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